Thursday, July 13, 2017

Here Pig, Pig, Piggy!

by Pa Rock
Farmer in Summer

I let the dogs out before daylight this morning to do their business, but they immediately started making such a racket that I had to hustle them back inside.  Something was out there - something about which Rosie and Riley had very strong feelings.

We have had several skunks in the neighborhood of late.  My son killed a couple, and the neighbor got rid of two more with his bush-hog.  Skunks often carry rabies, so I am very cautious when they are about.  Both dogs are up-to-date on their rabies shots, but Pa Rock is not!

About an hour ago a neighbor whom I did not know pulled up in the driveway and came to the door - which again set the dogs off.  I struggled to get past the overly protective canines and out onto the porch to see what the man wanted.  Once I was outside, he told me that there was a small pig loose on the road and he wanted to know if it was mine.  It wasn't.  He pointed out the poor creature a hundred or so yards to the north, wandering on and off the roadway.  I thanked the man and told him that I would attempt a rescue.

The young pig, a sow weighing fifty pounds or so, let me pet her, but she would not be coaxed into following me back to The Roost.  Her snout was green from rooting through the grass, and she appeared to have been well taken care of.  I eventually retreated to my air-conditioned home to put some more thought into the matter.  I don't need a pig, but I fear that someone will hit her with their vehicle.

A pig along the road is an oddity,  Unlike a stray dog or cat, pigs have some street value - they can always be taken home and stored in a freezer!  Or, a smart piggy can make it to Pa Rock's Roost and live pampered life of luxury that would shame a Trump!

And now I am heading back out into the insufferable heat to engage in a battle of wills with a pig.  This was not the day I had planned.

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Xobekim said...

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I recollect you mentioning how a pig could be beneficial to your pond.