Sunday, July 2, 2017

Grandkids, Grandkids, Everywhere!

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

My three Oregon grandchildren, Sebastian, Judah, and Willow, arrived at The Roost late yesterday evening along with their parents, Scott and Molly.  So far the kids have been very busy getting used to the farm and all that it has to offer.

The first thing Willow asked was if I had any cats.  We walked out toward the chicken coop where all of the little kittens came tumbling out to greet her.  She was delighted!  Judah, on the other hand, was most impressed with the geese - whom he continued to call "ducks."   Just after everyone got out of the car following their arrival, the geese came running at the farm visitors, wings flapping, in a formation about twenty-feet wide,  It was an awesome and intimidating show of goose-power, but Judah wasn't afraid.  He took off chasing the big birds and within a few minutes had worn them out.  Judah taught the geese that he is no one to mess with!

Sebastian brought me a birdhouse from Oregon that he built himself.  We placed it out on the picnic table, but this morning it was still empty.  It is a very nice birdhouse, and I am sure some lucky bird will soon discover it.  Sebastian's tenth birthday is next week, and Pa Rock has a present for him that he will receive later today.

And, there were presents waiting for all of the kids which they played with last night.

Willow seemed to be impressed with the peacocks, and she learned which ones are the "daddy" peacocks.  This morning all of the kids helped Pa Rock to feed bits of bread to the chickens and the peacocks.

This afternoon we are going to go swimming in the river - a first for these children - and something that Pa Rock really enjoys.  We'll have fun, fun, fun - splashing in the water, skipping stones, and looking for crawdads!

Life doesn't get any better than this!

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Marty said...

Rocky, I'm so happy for you that Molly and the grandkids are at "The Roost" for the fourth. I love reading your rants and ramblings and it pleases me to know that someone else shares my mindset and sentiments in these collapsing and schizophrenic times. I never thought I would long for a return to an America governed by the simpleton G.W., or even the paranoid and criminal Nixon. Ultimately, we have no one else to blame but ourselves and neighbors for our current plight. Inattention, disinterest and hubris allowed our current, syphilitically demented president, to move his golden encrusted ass into the White House. As DJT continues to shred the Constitution and embrace his toothless, racist, and degenerate base, moving us closer to a new civil war; I implore anyone with any decency to continue to actively resist!