Monday, July 24, 2017

Another Year Begins for Nick Macy

by Pa Rock
Proud Father

My oldest, Nick, turns forty-four today.  He was born on a Tuesday afternoon at the Camp Kue  U.S. Army Hospital on Okinawa in 1973.  I remember that Nick had trouble sleeping during his brief stay on Okinawa, but as soon as he got to the United States two months later, where the days and nights were reversed from those of the Orient, he did just fine and slept like . . . well . . . a baby!

I had the opportunity to visit that hospital again in 2011.  It was then a Naval Hospital and has very recently been replaced by a new facility located nearby.  When I stepped off of the elevator and into the visitor's room next to the room where Nick was delivered, I was amazed that it looked exactly like it had nearly forty years before.   In fact, the only difference was that the old television had been replaced with a flat-screen model.

Of my three children, Nick is the one most at home in the outdoors.  He has always lived in rural Missouri and enjoys the things that the country has to offer - particularly hunting and fishing.

One of Nick's biggest successes in life has been his son, Boone, who also enjoys the outdoors.  Boone is now eighteen and preparing to start college in the fall.

Happy birthday, Nick.  May you enjoy many, many more!

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