Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday, Sebastian

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

My second oldest grandchild, Sebastian Files, is no longer a single-digit midget.  The young resident of Oregon is ten-years-old this very day.  He is celebrating the big event at his paternal grandparents' home in Oklahoma.  I understand that lots of family will be there, people who rarely get to see him on his birthday, and the party will even have a water slide!  That sounds like a blast!

I remember my tenth birthday, Sebastian.  My family had just moved to the tourist town of Noel, Missouri, the summer before, and I was in school on the big day.  My sister Gail, who was seven, had a teacher walk her to my classroom so she could tell me "happy birthday."  That made the day extra-special for me, and I know that having your siblings, Judah and Willow, at your party today will make your day special, too.

I really enjoyed seeing you, Sebastian, and all of your family when you were at my farm over the past weekend.   The visit had some good times - like our trip to the river, and the party we had for you at my house.  I hope we have many good times together for years to come.

Happy birthday, Big Guy!

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molly. said...

Thank you. I liked playing with the geese! Thanks for letting me come to your farm. Love, Sebastian