Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jeff Sessions Should Resign

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III, the Attorney General of the United States, should resign his august office and head back to the hills of Alabama, and he should do so post haste.   Sessions, a diminutive rapscallion who could pass for the love child of a Keebler elf and Granny Clampett, has worked tirelessly over the past several months to return America to the glory days of George Wallace and Orville Faubus, and he has done so at the behest of Donald John Trump.

Jeff Sessions has been the loyalest of soldiers in Trump's war on fairness and common decency, but now his generalissimo has suddenly turned on him.

This week Donald Trump inexplicably gave an interview to the New York Times, a newspaper that he has routinely bitched and moaned about during his first six months in office, a publication that does not hesitate to label Trump's almost constant stream of falsehoods as what they are - lies.  But, for reasons unknown to mere mortals, Trump chose to talk to the Times, and the Times chose to listen.

During that interview the subject of the Russia investigation came up, and Trump went off on a tangent about Sessions recusing himself from dealing with any aspects of the investigation, never mind that Sessions himself apparently met with Russians on behalf of Trump both prior to and after the election.  Trump said Sessions should have never recused himself, and that if he (Trump) had known that would happen, he would have never appointed Sessions as Attorney General to begin with.

Did you hear that, Jefferson?  You proved to be a disappointment to your boss, and he's sorry that he ever selected you for the job.  Fat Boy not only threw you under the bus, he also got behind the wheel and ran over your cracker carcass - multiple times.

An honorable man would resign.


Xobekim said...

As Trump envelopes the nation into a constitutional crisis, it is good that Republican General Sessions remains in place as the most meager buffer between Republican Trump and Republican Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump known, for his erratic outbursts, is feeling the heat as Mueller & his team close in on his tax records, financial transactions with Russians, and only Mueller (& possibly Trump) knows what else.

We are moving to Trump's Saturday Night Massacre at warp speed & Sessions is blocking the tyrant.

Don said...

Sooner or later, the people who tend not to pay attention to politics will start wondering what all the fuss about Trump is about. When that happens, I find myself wondering if he might just take his marbles and go home.