Saturday, December 13, 2014

Several Hundred Friends Drop In for Breakfast

by Pa Rock
Nature Lover

It is early Saturday morning here in the Ozarks.  The weather has turned unseasonably warm and should remain so through tomorrow.   The valley out across the road is still shrouded in mist, but it is quickly lifting.  It should be a beautiful day.  Life would be lovely if the whole winter could remain this nice.

The roosters are out bidding the entire neighborhood "good morning!"

There are a couple of hundred guests at the feeder in the redbud tree just outside of my front window.  They are small black birds - about the size of sparrows.   The birds look like black leaves moving about in the tree when suddenly an imaginary gust of wind will hit and send them all fluttering to the ground where they breakfast on feed that has fallen beneath the feeder.  After a minute or two of feeding, they rise en masse and fly off.  Minutes later they are back flitting about in the old redbud tree pretending to be the last leaves of winter.

It doesn't get any more peaceful than this!

I made a trip to Springfield yesterday to pick my friend from Okinawa up at the airport.  This is Daniel's first trip to the Ozarks, and today we will get out and see some of the local sights.  Having Valerie here before him was good practice because now I know how to get to the local sights without getting lost.

Rosie spent the night with her friends Riley and Gin while I was away, and she still isn't home yet.  The place seems like midnight at a morgue without her.   (The poor little girl got in so much trouble yesterday for chewing up a lottery ticket.  It will undoubtedly turn out to be tonight's big winner!)

The day pulls forward and my little birds have flown off.  I must get out and refill the feeder so that it is ready for the brunch rush!

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