Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to Molly Files, a Very Busy Lady

by Pa Rock
Proud Parent

My middle child (and only daughter), Molly Macy Files, was born thirty-eight years ago today at Freeman Hospital in Joplin, MIssouri.  There were thirty-some babies born at Freeman that day, and when my parents showed up to see her for the first time that evening, the nursing staff had Molly on the front row.  She had been born with little red ringlets of hair.   As my mother looked over the sea of babies in the nursery window, she pointed at Molly and said, "That's our baby!"  She said she knew by the red hair.

I'm sure that life had its challenges for Molly, being sandwiched between two brothers and having her father as principal of a couple of different schools that she attended, but she seems to have survived all of that and is doing well.  She now has a husband, Scott Files, and three beautiful children.  They live in Oregon which means that I don't get to see Molly and Scott and my grandkids as often as I would like.

From what I can tell, Molly and Scott are the textbook examples of involved parents.  Sebastian is seven now and in first grade.  I understand that he has a karate lesson this evening after school and Molly will be with him for that.  Judah is five and in pre-school.  Molly will be volunteering in his classroom all day today.  Little Willow has just turned three and has yet to start school.  I am certain that she will not be far from her mother at any time today.  In addition to all of that activity, my daughter also has a couple of appointments to shuffle into her day.

(That's why young people have children - and not us old foggies.  We could never handle the pace!)

Happy birthday, Molly.  I am very proud of you and all that you do to keep your family functioning so well and staying so happy!

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molly. said...

Thanks Dad! I hope you are well. You're right, Willow is never far away. I'm hoping to get her into preschool next year! ;)