Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nightmare Politics: Nugent - Palin 2016

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Last week I mentioned a particularly disturbing and offensive bumper sticker that I had seen on a nice vehicle in Springfield, Missouri.  The racist screed seemed to be promoting the right of police to indiscriminately murder young black people.   It said simply, "Pants Up - Don't Loot."  That abhorrent attitude will shift dramatically the day a black cop kills an unarmed white teen - but until that day arrives we will have to live with the majority notion that the police are never wrong.

This morning I read a tweet that was suggesting the idea of a Ted Nugent - Sarah Palin GOP ticket in 2016.  (I'm not sure why Teddy was placed at the head of that nightmare ticket, but the promoter probably deemed Nugent to be the smarter of the two.  I don't know if I share that view or not,  because I get confused ciphering with negative numbers.)

Of course, there are more than a few Democrats who would like to see that pairing carrying the GOP banner in the next national election, and it could happen because the modern version of "The Party of Lincoln" seems to get crazier with each passing day.  We need to be cautious with what we wish for, however.  I can remember when many Democrats wanted to see Reagan run because they regarded him as unelectable.

I saw another bumper sticker on that trip to Springfield last week.  A little old man driving a little old truck had a little old bumper sticker just below his tailgate that read "McCain-Palin."   I am of the belief that Johnny Mac lost the 2008 election the day that he chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate.  McCain, who is known in more than a few casinos for his love of poker, mad a hasty, and what he believed was a "gutsy" bet by plucking Sarah out of obscurity.  He quickly learned that the selection was more "nutsy" that "gutsy."

But the little old man in the little old truck was still a believer.   The stock market had never been higher, and gas had not been lower in years, but the fellow probably was listening to Limbaugh or Hannity as he was driving and was secure in his belief that Obama had taken the country to Hell.

This morning, in West Plains, I saw another bumper sticker, this one on an old beater backing into a space at an auto parts store.    My first observation was that the guy couldn't back-up for crap, and the second was the sticker on his old car.  It read "NRA:  Stand and Fight."  I'll count that as a Nugent sticker because I believe the worn-out rocker is still on the NRA Board of Directors.  I was preparing to  leave the store, but held off long enough to get a gander at the driver emerging from the car.   He was a disheveled young man - probably in his forties - wearing shorts, a sleeveless tee-shirt, and flip-flops.  The temperature was in the thirties.

So, Teddy, in the event that you and the Wasilla hillbilly doe make it to the White House, there's a guy here in West Plains who might be a perfect candidate for Secretary of State - as long as you don't discriminate against mullets!

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Xobekim said...

A Nugent - Pallin ticket highlights the GOP energy policy. Nothing says conserving energy like using dim bulbs.