Friday, December 12, 2014

Changing Company

by Pa Rock
Inn Keeper

My friend, Valerie, who visited at the farm nearly two weeks while she was en route from her old job in Germany to her new job on Okinawa, left last Thursday - and the week since her departure has been strangely quiet for Rosie and me.   Rosie, in particular, has missed all of Valerie's kind attentions.

This evening we are welcoming another traveler from a foreign port into our home, but this one, alas, will only be with us for a long weekend.  My friend, Daniel Murphy, is a psychologist who has worked on Okinawa for the past six years or so - and that is where I know him from.  Daniel is about to change jobs also and will be relocating to mainland Japan - but in the interim he is doing a quick tour of the States in order to catch up with assorted relatives and friends.

I don't know if Daniel has had much experience with dogs or not, but Rosie is certain not to let him ignore her!

Company at Rock's Roost always helps to brighten the cold and gray winter days - for both of us!

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Mineko said...

Please give my best regard to Daniel, your friend from Okinawa, and tell him that I could be of help perhaps not physically but info wise in case he needs any depending on where he will be settling down. I'm hoping that he will not be going into a teaching world here, as I know schools of any kind now tend to enslave teachers from abroad unless you can teach very specialized subjects in grad schools. Enjoy your weekend together!