Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dog Biscuit, Please

by Pa Rock
Dog Chauffeur

My little dog, Rosie, is a blur of constant movement when she's not sleeping.   She plays hard in the house, and anytime the door is open she will dart outside to chase squirrels and chickens.  The chickens will sometimes chase her back, but the squirrels never do.  She also loves to ride in the car-car, and we have recently bought a little used farm truck, and she loves to ride in it also.

Rosie likes to climb up onto my lap and place her nose against the side window while I drive.   She doesn't like to hang her head out of the window like some dogs do, and that is a good thing because she is so small that a passing breeze could suck her out of the car.

My little dog learned early on that drive-through windows are special places.   Our local bank always gives her a dog biscuit when we pull in there, so operating on the Skinnerian principal of intermittent reinforcement, she rushes  forward whenever we go to any drive-through.  She is always hopeful for another dog biscuit.  Sadly what often happens is that the person at the window gives me a bag of food that smells wonderful, and I won't share.  It's probably a good thing for me that Rosie is so small, or I might have a Cujo on my hands!

Today, after two ladies at a drive-through oohed-and-aahed over Rosie, one turned to the other and said, "We really ought to get some dog biscuits to have at the window."

Yes, ladies, you should!

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