Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rosie's New Tricks

by Pa Rock
Slave to a Chihuahua

Time for a couple of dog stories, but since Rosie is so little, I will keep the stories brief.

I have only been around one other Chihuahua in my lifetime and that was little Emme Ears, a tiny long-haired Chihuahua with ears so large that she looked like one of those gremlins from the movies.  Emme belonged to a girlfriend who eventually packed up, dog and all, and left.  And oh, how I missed that little dog!

I bought Rosie on September 1st of this year at a roadside stand where a lady was patiently selling her litter of puppies one by one.  She said that Rosie had been born July 7th - and since she came without papers, the 7th of July is the day we will have our big party.  Rosie weighed one pound and eleven ounces when I got her - and she has since ballooned to three pounds.  She only eats the finest high-protein puppy food, and although she would dearly love the occasional burger, poor Rosie gets no human vittles.

But she tries!  God love her, Pancho Villa, she tries!

Our local bank keeps a bag of doggie biscuits at the drive-up window, and Rosie, who is almost always on my lap when I am driving, quickly learned to beg for a biscuit.  Now, however, she gets to jumping around in the front seat and wagging that little tail to beat the band whenever we pull up to any drive-up window.  She is the consummate beggar!

Rosie also likes to walk in the shower just as I am finishing and lick water off of the shower floor.  She will quickly head for the nastiest chicken waterers she can find when we are outside, and quench her thirst at the expense of the hens.  Her own water bowl, however, could be filled with Evian, and she would only thumb her nose at it!

Today Rosie learned one more new trick.  We were out at the pond where I was gathering some stones to pack into a few gopher holes inside of the barn.  The pond is little more than a large mud hole - probably three feet deep in the center with a diameter of ten or twelve feet.  (It will be one of my serious projects next spring.)  As I was busy gathering stones, I suddenly heard a splash.  Yup - Rosie had done a header straight into the pond.  Greg Louganis would have probably been proud of her, but he won't have to smell her the rest of the night!

That's about it.  Rosie still chases chickens, and sometimes they chase her - and she puts herself to bed at night - most nights - without an assist or a command from Pa Rock.  It was hard getting used to having a Chihuahua in my life, but Rosie is intent on getting me trained!

Peace out, dog!

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Mineko said...

So nice to have read about Rosie and you!