Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Prelude to a Brawl

by Pa Rock
Citizen  Journalist

Last week when I saw a staged version of Night of the Living Dead, I had no idea how prescient that experience would prove to be.   No sooner had the horde of zombies been bowed off of the local stage than the national Republican party turned its own collection of slimy night creatures loose on the entire country.    From a quick review of yesterday's election results, it would appear that the forces out to exercise domination over women, minorities, and the poor have seized the trappings of power, resplendent in their full battle regalia.

If there was one bit of good news last night it was the victory of New Hampshire Senator Jean Shaheen over the carpetbagging centerfold, Scott Brown.   Brown, the only senate candidate to have ever lost senate races to two women, will now have to sit at one of his homes and await the inevitable employment offer from fair and balanced Fox News.  In the interim, of course, he might get lucky and pick up a modeling gig with the AARP magazine.

Kansas was especially disappointing, primarily because it appeared that the three leading Republicans on the ballot were all extremely vulnerable.   Sadly, all three prevailed.  Kris Kobach will remain as Secretary of State where he can continue his assault on voting rights.  Pat Roberts will be going back to the Senate where he will continue to serve as the third senator from Virginia - and hopefully may never have to set foot in dreary old Kansas again.  And the Brownback family will remain in the governor's mansion.

Perhaps there was one other sliver of good news.  The re-election of Sam Brownback in Kansas, Scott Walker in Wisconsin (his third win in four years), and Rick Scott in Florida surely means that all three will be trying to elbow their way onto the bench reserved for serious Republican presidential contenders.   That bench is already so crowded with evil bastards that a collapse into chaos is inevitable!

Walker, and Brownback, and Scott - oh my!

Bring on the brawl!


Anonymous said...

If I knew I to create or post a "thumbs up" emoji.....I would! - Marty R

Xobekim said...

We've got the GOP where we want them now, boxed in by their failed policies and magical thinking.