Friday, November 14, 2014

Holiday Radio and Capitalism Run Amok

by Pa Rock
Radio Dial Spinner

There is a radio station in Phoenix that plays continuous holiday music every year beginning on Thanksgiving Day and running through New Year's Day.  Last year I kept my car radio on that station the entire time and heard many great holiday songs - some of them a few too many times!  That's five weeks, give or take, and a decent amount of time to work at ginning up Christmas sales.

This past Tuesday while driving from West Plains to Kansas City, I came across a radio station that was already playing holiday tunes - more than two weeks prior to Thanksgiving.  That, I thought, might be pushing the season just a tad too much.

The station, KGBX - 105.9 out of Nixa, seemed to be the only one on the radio dial that had jumped the gun on the holiday season.  The station had a nice variety of songs, all of which were familiar and easy to sing along with.  My favorite, John Lennon's "So This Is Christmas" was actually the third song to play after I discovered the station.  Somehow though, I doubt that Lennon had early November in mind when he was composing the song.

True, Walmart and the other sellers of cheap Chinese Christmas crap have had their holiday wares out on display for weeks already, so I guess it is inevitable that some radio stations would begin scooting up their holiday programs as well.  But where will it all end?

Black Friday has, over the past several years, crept from Friday morning, to Friday daybreak, to midnight on Thursday - and now Thanksgiving Day itself.  Minimum wage employees who once could expect to enjoy the holiday at home with their families now have to report to work in large stores on Thanksgiving Day so that they can sell flat-screen televisions to morons who should also be home enjoying the holiday with their loved ones.

But this is America, and retail sales are far more important than giving thanks for our many blessings.

And every year it seems to get worse.

Enjoy the holidays - and spend, spend, spend for the glory God and country and our nation's billionaires!   And if you can do it while humming a few Christmas carols, so much the better!

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