Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ozark Springs and Things

by Pa Rock
Tour Leader

Thanksgiving Day is a big deal to the Macy family, but I must admit to missing our parade this morning.  Hope all went well in the Big Apple and Bullwinkle didn't decide to float off to Frostbite Falls and inadvertently reroute airline traffic all along the eastern seaboard!   Too much Upsidaisium will do that to you, buddy.

Valerie cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving meal today.  Now she and Rosie are busy playing it off.  (Poor Rosie had to settle for commercial dog food.  I told her that it was a shame she didn't like turkey - as I feasted on the succulent bird.  Rosie growled in response!)

Our week has been busy.  Monday I showed the town of West Plains to Valerie.  That night we went to see the new movie, Interstellar, which was good - though not as great as I had hoped.  The best part of the whole movie is when an evil character played by Matt Damon suddenly gets killed - whoops, I just gave away a minor plot point!  Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway were the primary stars.  This was the only McConaughey movie that I have ever seen where he manages to keep his shirt on throughout the entire film.

Tuesday we went to the old mill at Alley Spring near Eminence, Missouri.   We were the only two humans and a dog in the entire park for almost the time we were there.  The blue and green water and the big red mill were beautiful on that pristine fall day.  Wednesday (yesterday) it snowed, heavy for awhile, and Valerie enjoyed that.  She had not seen snow in years - not even during her recent tour in Germany from February through early November.   Rosie also enjoyed her first snowfall and had fun running in wide circles in the cold white stuff.  The snow melted in the afternoon, and the three of us hit the road to Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, for lunch and a quiet stroll through the park.  We saw the enormous spring and enjoyed a walk around the park where we observed domestic ducks and geese on the lake - and Rosie had a great time playing with the tourists.

There are a couple of other old springs and mills that I hope we can get to while Valerie is here, and I know that she would enjoy going to Branson and Eureka Springs.  But that won't be today - today we are stuffed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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