Sunday, November 2, 2014

Digging Up the Clinton Corpses

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The mid-term elections are still two days away, but in many places the political focus has shifted forward to 2016 - and Hillary.  Yes, and so far all the right-wing press has found to tag her with is "Benghazi,"  which, no matter how hard the Republican punditry and particularly Fox News fan the smoldering story, it just refuses to catch fire.

Predictably, the scandals of the Bill Clinton administration are being dug back up.  Monica Lewinski, a tragic character whose last name became a dirty noun during the Clinton impeachment, has been back in the news and will undoubtedly "tell all" on the talk shows and in the tabloids.  But the right-wing press and noisemakers have to be careful using Monica - and Bill's trailer park women from his days in Little Rock - because that stuff can backfire and turn Hillary into a sympathetic character.

There is a better story out there, however, one that has always seemed to taint Hillary - and it involves an actual corpse!  Vince Foster was a deputy White House counsel who had been an associate of Hillary's when they both worked at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock.  Foster did not adapt well to working in politics or living away from his family in Washington, D.C.   He suffered from a deepening depression and ultimately committed suicide.  A group of Republicans and their press associates tirelessly tried to link Hillary to Foster's death - and suggestions were often floated that he had been murdered.  There were three official investigations into his death, and each of the three concluded that his death was a suicide.

Today I saw a tabloid headline - in the National Examiner - while checking out at the grocery store.  It said that secret government documents have revealed that "Hillary's Lover, Vince Foster", was murdered!

Welcome to the opening salvos of the third Clinton term!


Mineko Takahashi said...

Rocky, there is an important typo where you should have typed in "link" instead of "like"! Excuse my meddling!

Xobekim said...

The secret lover was Vince Foster? I always suspected it was Janet Reno.