Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thoughts of Shrub

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

My father was a child of the Great Depression and a veteran of World War II, not to mention a student of life.  Across his eighty-five years he managed to become somewhat of a philosopher and had a small but ready cache of sayings for certain situations.  Tim, my son, remembers his Granddad harping about tailgaters, and usually offering this observation when someone was on his bumper:  "If you were driving on the highway to hell, somebody would be trying to get around!"    My favorite Granddadism was his response that often came up when the name of someone he didn't care for was interjected into a conversation.   Dad would sarcastically respond, "I would have even thought of him for a ten dollar bill."

Today I would have probably forked over ten dollars not to have thought about our former hapless leader, George W. Bush - but think about him I did.  It began this morning when I was perusing The Huffington Post on the Internet and came across a story about  Bush's art exhibition that is currently on display at his lie-berry.  The paintings being shown are his renditions of world leaders with whom he worked while in office.  One news organization brought in an art critic to evaluate Shrub's work.  That critic said that they appeared to have been taken from photographs that were projected onto some sort of panel - and then traced.


Yup, our simplest President, the one who basically abdicated and let his evil Vice President run the nation into an insurmountable ditch, the one whose highest intellectual feat while in office was learning to use "the google," the one who can't visit several world countries today for fear of being arrested and shipped off to The Hague - George W. Bush - even cheated when it came to painting, and then had the brass to put his tracings on display for the amusement of all the world.

That was this morning.  The thought of Bush was in my head when I went outside this afternoon and began a project of trimming a few trees and clearing some brush.  Remember when Dubya would go to Texas every August and spend the entire month clearing brush at his ranch near Waco?

The horror!  The horror!  I've been retired just over a month and suddenly I'm following in the footsteps of George W. Bush.

I feel that I may be on the slippery slope to becoming a portrait artist!

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Xobekim said...

Rest assured, if you pick up painting it will likely be a can of "barn red" for your out buildings or a spiffy paint by numbers kit. You are way beyond tracing.