Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chick Day at the Feed Store

by Pa Rock
Chicken Rancher

My chicks are here - and what a day it has been!  They are just a day or so old, so the little ones are currently at home in a dry kiddie pool under a heat lamp in the garage.  They have two feeders and two waterers, a carpet of pine shavings, and are quite happy.  Peep, peep, peep!

The local feed store, which is one of those big affairs that sell practically everything, takes orders for  baby poultry throughout the winter and early spring.  They consolidate the orders into two delivery dates - one in March and a later one in April.  Today was the April delivery, and the place was hopping!

Selling chicks is a good business.  Most people who show up to collect their babies also wind up shopping for feeders (and chick starter feed), waterers, bedding such as pine shavings, a heat lamp, and wallpaper for the chicken coop.  (Just kidding about the wallpaper!)  The place sells so many chicken extras that they could easily turn a good profit just giving the chicks away!

My order was for twenty-four Rhode Island Red hens - twenty-five arrived, three little roosters - all of whom reported for duty, and four bronze-breasted turkeys - again, all present and accounted for.  There was also a mystery bird, a little black and yellow chick that is definitely none of the above.  He, or she, will probably become my pet - especially if the Reds discriminate against him, or her.

Six hours later and no casualties to report.   The chicken coop and pen are beginning to resemble Ft. Knox, so I may just make a success of this chicken rancher phase of my life!

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