Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Game Is Afoot!

by Pa Rock
Seeker of Numbers

One of the enticements of moving back to Missouri was access to the Missouri Lottery, and, in particular, Missouri Lotto.

While the odds in all lottery games highly favor the state, of the big lotteries, Missouri Lotto is better than most.  Consider this:    Powerball always has prizes in the millions with tonight's jackpot being $70 million.  Powerball is able to create enormous jackpots (a couple have reach beyond half-a-billion dollars!) because the odds of winning are so long.  One Powerball ticket costs two dollars and the odds of hitting it big are one in 175 million.

Mega Millions, the nation's other super lottery, has a grand prize of $15 million tonight.  (That's it's base level because someone apparently won on Wednesday night.)   Mega Millions tickets are just one dollar, but the odds of winning the jackpot are an astounding one in 259 million!

Missouri Lotto, on the other hand, has tiny jackpots by comparison.  Tonight's super prize is $2.3 million.  Tickets are just one dollar, and for that dollar a player receives two sets of numbers   The odds of winning are one in 3.5 million.

Over the years I had hit the Missouri Lotto with four of six numbers a total of three times - with prizes always somewhere around the $30 level.  When I came back to the Ozarks this time, I decided to forgo Powerball and Mega Millions (at least until the prizes start getting close to a billion dollars - then I will buy one ticket.  Instead, I am throwing my money at the Missouri Lotto.

Here is my scheme for winning - and it is starting to pay off:

I buy five dollars worth of tickets each Wednesday and Saturday night.  (That's ten numbers per drawing.)  Five dollars - no more, no less - consistency is important.  The first few drawings were sad lessons about a fool and his money, but then I began hitting two of six numbers on some of my lines.  Two of six doesn't win any money - it takes three for that - but those near misses did serve to fan the flames of my lottery addiction.

Then things suddenly started to get better.  Last Saturday night I hit four of six - hello, thirty-one dollars!  The following Wednesday (this week) I hit four numbers again - only twenty-five dollars this time, but still a nice profit of twenty bucks!   Tonight with the big prize of $2.3 million (and the knowledge that twenty-three is still my lucky number), the stars are obviously aligning.

If I hit the big one, there is a really nice riding mower in my future - and my kids will each get a big stack of Wendys's gift certificates!   Nothing is too good for me and my relatives!

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Don said...

Hmmm ... kids didn't put much of a dent in the Rock fortune, so ....
here I am!!