Friday, April 4, 2014

Finding a Doctor

by Pa Rock
Health Care Consumer

The first part of this week revolved around trying to get my medical insurance figured out.  By Wednesday I had a fairly clear picture of my coverage and premiums - damned near $400 a month, and that's with Medicare!   Every base appears to be covered - even dental and vision.  The focus then shifted to finding a physician.  It didn't take long for me to realize that I wasn't in Arizona anymore!

Doctors in Arizona are greedy and hungry.  They want us old fogies with all of our ailments and impairments, and while none have yet to put their nurses to flipping signs on street corners to drag in business, it's coming. West Plains, Missouri, is quite different.

I did some basic Internet research and selected a clinic with good reviews that is conveniently located next to the community hospital.  I walked up to the desk and told the receptionist that I was new in town and needed to register with a doctor.  Not so fast, Pardner, she cautioned.  She would first need a list of my medications, diagnoses, and conditions.  That information would be reviewed by the nurses of the doctors who had openings, and they would then decide if they would accept me or not.

An audition tape would apparently not be necessary.

Today I learned that one of the local doctors had graciously deigned to accept me as a patient.   I will meet him at an initial appointment next week.  I will do my best to make a good first impression because I would hate for him to change his mind!

My next task will be finding a lawnmower - which I hope is not as complicated as finding a doctor.

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