Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finally, Some Quality Television!

by Pa Rock
Shamelessly Proud Parent

Last night while surfing through the upcoming attractions on my television, I was pleased and very surprised to see that The Brass Teapot, a movie written by my son, Tim, and based on a short story of his, was going to be featured on the Movie Channel later in the evening.   I quickly made the popcorn, emailed all of the relatives and even phoned a few, and settled in to watch it.

(The last time I had seen the movie was at its world premier at the Toronto Film Festival in the fall of 2012.  The film had been sold to a distributor, Magnolia Pictures, after its premier in Toronto.)

It was cool seeing Tim's name in the credits - twice - and Erin (Mrs. Tim) listed in the special "thank you's" at the end of the movie - and on national television!

I checked my email afterward and found that two or three relatives had sent back comments saying that the movie had been playing on Showtime the last few weeks, so why was I getting so wound up over this showing?

Nobody ever tells me anything!  Everyone should be more like me.  I tell everything I know - and then some!

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