Thursday, September 26, 2013

There's One Born Every Minute

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I suspect that there are some ministers and religious leaders in this country who are sincere in their concern for the plight of humanity – but for every one of those who are focused on helping the poor and the suffering, there are dozens of others whose primary aim is to help themselves.    We have seen decades of television evangelists and mega-church pastors begging money from the masses for the glory of God, and then using the cash to glorify themselves with garish churches, private jets, and painted wives dressed as though they just stepped off of a fashion runway, or a Las Vegas street corner.

Clearly they are parting fools from their money.

Last night, while thumbing through the pages of a popular almanac, I came across a religious scam that was so outrageous that I felt compelled to comment.  It was one of those full-page advertisements designed to look like an actual news story.  In the narrative, a lady tells about a wonderful prayer that one of her relatives taught to her.  The prayer has no words (not sure how that works), and is helpful in curing poverty, illness, loneliness, shingles – you name it.  

And the lady writing about this prayer is a good woman – a truly angelic woman – because she wants to share the miraculous (and wordless) prayer with the world – in book form at just $22.99 a copy – with all major credit cards accepted.

If sales are good, clearly her prayer will have been answered.

Praise Jesus!

Or P.T. Barnum.


Xobekim said...

Ah, a twist! They normally sell scraps of cloth, that have been prayed over, or anointed and call them prayer rags. Selling a blank book in the manner described may get them in trouble with a few district attorneys and state attorneys generals.

But you did remind me of the PTL club. Jim Bakker apparently learned his lesson after prison and did legitimate preacher work. My guess is that the demon that drove that scam jumped onto Jerry Falwell's back when he came to rescue of Jim, Tammy, et al.

Pa Rock's Ramble said...


Do you remember when the press questioned Tammy Faye about her penchant for wearing expensive jewelry, and she barked back, "God wouldn't want me wearing junk!"? Sometimes there is nothing to do but laugh at these sanctimonious greed heads!