Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday at the Westgate

by Pa Rock

Fall seems to have suddenly arrived in the Valley of Hell.   The temperature was very pleasant today, though I don't know what it was, and there was a nice breeze.  The remarkable weather is probably just an aberration, but I'm glad that it occurred while the Kansas City Macy's were in town.

We spent the day at the Westgate which is a funky outdoor mall with lots of shops and eateries on the expensive end of Glendale.  (I live on the poor end of Glendale!)  The Westgate is in an area adjacent to the stadium where the Arizona Cardinals play football - though thankfully they were playing in New Orleans today which meant that the shops and cafes were not overly crowded.

Erin and Olive spent the day with an old high school friend of Erin's who lives in Mesa.  They sat out in a park and had a good visit while Olive played in a fountain with several other little kids.  The fountain sent spouts of water into the air from the ground at odd intervals, and the kids would run through never knowing when they would be in the right place at the right time to get wet.

While the ladies watched Olive play in the fountain, Tim and I went to a movie at a theatre that was just a few yards from where they were at.  We saw Prisoners, an exceptional movie that I will probably write about later.  It was tense and exciting - with an intricate plot and superb acting.  Go see it!

My daughter, Molly, has a blog of her own.  She wrote a review of Elysium in her blog, a movie that she liked far more than I did.  At one point in her review, Molly described the futuristic Los Angeles setting as being "marinated in graffiti."   What great imagery!   All of my kids are talented writers - which makes me very proud!

Baby Olive reminds me so much of her father when he was that age.  She likes jumping off of things, and moves at the proverbial mile a minute.  Olive knows no fear!

The Kansas City Macy's will fly home in the morning.  We have had a great visit.

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