Saturday, September 14, 2013

Edgar Allan Poe Spends an Evening at Luke AFB

by Pa Rock
Theatre Fan

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the latest production of our local little theatre company, The Luke Experience.  The show, An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe, featured readings and dramatizations of six of Poe's works, two poems and four stories.

Unfortunately, I have become spoiled by the professionalism of this theatre group, and was disappointed to find that last night, for the first time since I have been attending their shows, there was no printed program.  That omission left me with an incomplete knowledge of the names of the players, and I even missed the director's name.

The program was very entertaining and brought back memories of things I had read in high school and college.  All of the actors knew their lines and presented them in a dramatic and believable manner.  The sets were clever and did much to enhance the six presentations.

Two of the actors whom I recognized from numerous past appearances with the troupe proved to be standout performers.  Chris Ceroni owned the house with his performance as the narrator in The Telltale Heart, and Ron Fantasia was great in his portrayal as the man plagued by a bird as he recited and performed The Raven.

When it comes to classic American horror, my tastes run to Lovecraft - but if Poe is the only dish on the menu, it is served up nicely by The Luke Experience.

Good job, guys!

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