Friday, September 6, 2013

Johnnie Mac Gets Ready to Light Up

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Arizona certainly has its share of interesting politicians, a fierce group of knuckleheads always ready to say or do anything to attract a bit of attention from the press.  Why, hardly a day goes by that either Joe Arpaio or Jan Brewer doesn't come up with some new outrage to foist on the public and make Arizona even more of a national joke.

But lately our senior United States Senator, John McCain, has managed to keep his name in the press almost non-stop.  McCain, who is a regular on the national Sunday television talk shows, never misses an opportunity to pontificate as if he had won the presidency in 2008 instead of his esteemed opponent, and current leader of the free world, Barack Hussein Obama.  Some of us out here in Arizona believe the senator's Sunday mornings might be better spent in church learning the value of humility.

Over the past few days Johnnie Mac has been on both sides of the upcoming vote on whether the United States should interfere in the Syrian civil war or not.  Some of his indecision on the matter was probably the result of inattention.  It's hard to concentrate on Internet poker and listen to Senate committee testimony at the same time.

This week McCain has been back in the Scorpion State conducting town hall meetings, reportedly without his shadow, Lindsey Graham.  Some of the meetings have been noticeably less than polite, with critics of U.S. involvement in Syria asking pointed questions and at times yelling at poor Johnnie Mac.

Last night someone went off message and slipped in a non-Syria question regarding marijuana.  McCain, ever the news whore, popped off a response saying that maybe it was about time to look at the legalization of pot.

Arizona's private prison industry, the major lobbyist and political cash contributor in the state, likely was not pleased with McCain's mavericky response.  They no doubt believe that he should stick to playing Internet poker and leave legislative sausage-making to the people who have a clearer understanding of the value of wholesale incarceration.

What's next, Johnnie?  Are you going to follow the leads of your wife and daughter and come out in support of gay marriage?  That should keep you on the Sunday talk shows for a long, long time, though  not nearly as long as we will be mired down in Syria.

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