Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Tom Horne Plan: One Designated Shooter Per School

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Arizona's attorney general, Tom Horne, was a political climber who had dreams of becoming governor until a story broke in the desert press involving Horne, a lady friend, and him driving away from the scene of an accident.  Today he announced his plan today for making Arizona's schools safer.  Horne, who is also the most recent state superintendent of public instruction, doesn't want to put a cop in every school because that would be too expensive, but, being a good Republican, he does get a bit moist thinking about the glory of having an armed response to an armed intruder down at the local pre-school.

Tom Horne is recommending that each school have a designated shooter, a faculty member with a gun - and training in how to use it.  He is opposed to having multiple teachers armed in each school, and if a school already has its own assigned policeman, then there would not be a need for a faculty shooter at all.

So Mr. Horne is sort of genuflecting to the National Rifle Association, a move that would probably insure some NRA cash if he ultimately decides that Arizonans have the memory span of gnats and a gubernatorial run appears possible in 2014.

When asked about practical things like limiting the size of ammunition clips, he clammed up tighter than Mitt Romney on tax day - choosing only to say that things like that were under the purview of the legislature.  Well, Tom, so is placing a teacher-shooter in every school, but you felt obliged to rattle your gums when you were in agreement with an NRA position.  How very tactful (and political) of you.

All of our politicians need to man up and state their positions on automatic weapons and monster clips.

If guns make us safer, logic should dictate that the more guns we have, the safer we will be.  But before we pack the schools with good-intentioned, gun-toting adults, let's try that theory out on airplanes.   Surely a hundred armed passengers could keep them evil terrorists under control!

Okay, arming airplane passengers is dangerous nonsense - much like the Horne and NRA plans for schools.

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Don said...

One huge problem with arming civilians is that they've never been trained to handle firearms. So that they make often lethal mistakes when handling weapons.

More important still is the fact that they often (understandably) freeze at the moment of truth -- another mistake that in and of itself can cost lives.

Every firearms expert --- in and out of the military --- has testified that more guns more problems than they solve.

As for the 2nd Amendment --- Our Constitution was created in the 18th century by men who expected and predicted that it would be changed to reflect future events (see any number of Jeffersonian screeds on the issue).

So ... the second amendment guaranteed the right to bear arms because (during the 18th century) a civilian militia was essential to protecting the country. Today, there is no such necessity. America is protected, not endangered, when drunken rednecks with visions of apocalyptic grandeur are prevented from from owning the means of destruction.

And then there's this: If we accept the NRA's latest serving of bullshit on the subject, the answer to mass shootings is to have more people armed. What they don't mention is that to guarantee effectiveness, all people would be armed at all times. The insanity of that scenario is self-evident.