Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Judah Files

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

My youngest grandson, Judah, is three-years-old today.  I am certain that he is enjoying his birthday party just about now - and probably just getting over the sugar rush from his sister's first birthday party two days ago.  Judah's mom has a birthday in less than three weeks, so this is a busy time at the Files' house - lots of cakes and candles!

Judah is quite a little man.  He is built rock solid, like a wrestler, and he likes to work things with his hands.  The last time I saw him we were at the Children's Science Museum in Portland, Oregon, where he stayed very busy.  One of his favorite activities that day was operating a conveyor belt that moved dirt and rocks in a mock mining operation.  The belt moved by turning a large wheel.  Judah would operate the wheel, and when the other kids neglected their duty of putting dirt and rocks on the belt, he would stop with the wheel and do their part as well.  That day I also go him a toy board with several types of actual locks on it that his mother said he liked to work.

Judah is the middle child of a middle child, and sometimes they have to work extra hard to get attention.  I hope that he  is getting plenty of that on his birthday!

Judah Bear, Pa Rock loves you and wishes you all the best!  I will see you soon!

Eat some cake and ice cream for me!

Happy birthday!

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