Saturday, December 29, 2012


by Pa Rock
Waster of Time

I moved into my small military house four-and-a-half months ago and have been living without television until today - when I finally gave in and acquired a dish satellite service.  So today I have obviously wasted a great deal of time surfing and trying to discover all that I have been missing since July of 2010 when I last had American television service.

I did quite a bit of careful research in selecting my provider and finally settled on Direct TV.  The only cable provider in the Valley of Hell is Cox, and they are politically too right-wing for my liking.  Direct TV had a bit more selection than Dish Network, so I wound up going with them.

It was nice to find that the television that I shipped back from Japan works just fine.

Today I had the USA Network on for background noise while I did my many Saturday chores.  They are having an NCIS marathon, and it is hard to beat Jethro Gibbs for sheer entertainment value!  Tonight I am settling down to watch the best Christmas movie ever made:  Denis Leary in The Ref.  It will be entertaining to view that old chestnut - and to finally have some variety in my evenings.

I feel so bourgeois!

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