Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Third Day with Movers

by Pa Rock
Poor, Tired Bastard

It has been a long, damned day, but my place is finally empty! Today's movers came to collect and pack everything that didn't go to Okinawa. Three workers could have knocked it out in half a day, but only two came on this assignment. I thought they would never get done!

I sat on the porch most of the day and talked to two different people who stopped and asked about the house. One just came back with her mother to look at it. I am hopeful!

I began making inquiries yesterday about overseas phone service. Verizon could fix me up for just $1.90 a minute! I definitely won't be going with their plan! I understand that Vonage or Magic Jack may be the way to go, and I would like to hear from anyone with expertise in those areas.

The insurance company also told me yesterday that they are going to total my little car - and they made a surprisingly agreeable offer. Now if I can just get this trailer house sold!

Things are starting to come together.

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