Tuesday, June 15, 2010

God Has Spoken!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Up until yesterday there was a hideous piece of "art" sitting beside Interstate 75 near Monroe, Ohio. The locally famous "Touchdown Jesus" was a sixty-two-foot high steel and plastic sculpture of the upper torso of Jesus Christ with his arms raised high in the air. It was apparently constructed by the Solid Rock Church (evangelical) in 2004. It is unclear, at least to me, whether the monstrosity art work was created to pay respect to Christ through some misguided bigger-is-better philosophy - or just to scare the piss out of unsuspecting motorists.

But the motive behind this public eyesore is a moot point now, because last night God took action and hit Touchdown Jesus with a lightning bolt. It burned to the ground. No word yet on whether there was a voice from heaven thundering about graven images when the lightening hit.

God has spoken - yes she has!

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Anonymous said...

One of those lightning bolts knocked out my power for 8 hours!