Friday, June 18, 2010

Harry Reid Is One Lucky Bastard!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I am not a fan of Harry Reid, the senator from Nevada who is currently the Majority Leader of the United States Senate. My gripe with him is that he is a leader who has difficulty leading - often, I suspect, by design. Reid was so wishy-washy on the health care bill as to seriously imperil its passage - and his lackadaisical stewardship of that bill seemed to ensure that it would be a mediocre piece of legislation at best. I figured that if the Democrats lost Senate seats this year, one of those would likely be Reid's.

But that was before the loonies and teabaggers seized control of the Republican party in Nevada. For a while it looked as though the Nevada baggers might nominate Sue Lowden to run against him, but her campaign suffered a fatal, self-inflicted blow when she proposed bartering for medical services. Specifically Ms. Lowden suggested that people might pay their doctors with chickens. (I'll wager that she didn't garner too much support from the medical community after that!)

Sue Lowden painted herself into such a goofy position that she managed to blow her lead in the Republican primary and lose to someone even nuttier - a former state legislator by the name of Sharron Angle. Ms. Angle has a couple of decades worth of stupid statements that are coming back to haunt her, including a call for privatizing social security and abolishing the EPA, and some nonsense about restoring the people's rights through a "Second Amendment remedy."

Rachel Maddow featured a very funny clip on her show tonight of a young Nevada reporter confronting Angle at a campaign event and then chasing her across a parking lot asking about her position on eliminating the EPA during the worst ecological crisis in modern times - and imploring her to explain what she meant by a "Second Amendment remedy." No comment, of course, from the once verbose Ms. Angle who is now trying to comport herself as someone with at least a modicum of common sense.

Sharron Angle has seemingly taken a page from the George W. Bush political playbook - control access to the candidate and give interviews only to friendly sources. The first objective is to get elected - then, and only then, can she drop the mask of sensibility and show the good folks of Nevada and the rest of us exactly who she really is.

Good plan, Sharron, but you're a day late and a dollar short. Everyone already knows exactly who you are - a less intellectual version of Michelle Bachmann! You're about to crap out - and Harry Reid has just successfully drawn to an inside straight. He is one lucky bastard!

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