Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day, 2010

by Pa Rock
Mover and Sorter

It's always wonderful to hear from my children, and Father's Day is one of two or three occasions each year when they are almost guaranteed to phone in. My birthday also garners calls from each, as well as Christmas - sometimes.

And those calls were the best part of what has been a very busy day. Tim is helping me make some decisions regarding phone service on Okinawa, and will also see that I get the best deal possible on a rental car after I take my truck to Molly and Scott. Molly let me listen to Judah fuss, and talked about his feeding issues. I plan to be out there on or about Sebastian's third birthday - July 5th. That trip will include a quick stop in San Diego to tell my Aunt Mary good-bye, and maybe a side trip to Oakland to see Millie and Shiva.

God, I love a good road trip!

Nick and Boone told me about their outing to Branson earlier this week to see a Beatles tribute show. George Harrison's older sister was there and took questions from the audience. Boone, a big Jim Morrison fan, also appreciates the Fab Four! What a cool kid!

I did manage to get to the gym today, perhaps my most normal activity of the day. The evil treadmill held me to 3.79 miles in one hard, sweaty hour. That was followed by 30 light pull-ups and twenty-five minutes in the big, swirling hot tub. I am renewed! (When I get to Kadena I plan to use one of the base gyms - a savings of forty dollars a month!)

The rest of the day was dedicated to getting ready for tomorrow's movers. I have been shuffling stuff from room to room all afternoon as I made last minute decisions about what will head to Okinawa and what will remain here in storage. I am certain that I will get over there and wish that I had sorted differently, but right now my big goal is just to get the damned stuff out the door!

The local PBS station has finally finished its beg-a-thon which means that Masterpiece Mystery will return later this evening. Alas, something normal - and not a moment too soon!

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Reed said...

The Ramble won't be leaving us when you leave will it?