Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hotter and Shorter

by Pa Rock

Arizona is getting hotter and hotter, and my sentence here grows shorter and shorter!

It was triple digits today in this desert that masquerades as a state of total intolerance. One hundred degrees Fahrenheit - and it is only early (very early) June! It is supposed to be 110 degrees on Sunday. Elvis help us all when August gets here!

Well, actually the help can be directed to everybody else because I will be out of here before daylight on the morning of July 21st - heading toward a lengthy stay on the small and beautiful island of Okinawa.

Oh, it gets hot on Okinawa, but not crazy hot. And, if memory serves, there are few spots on the tiny island that are more than mere minutes from the ocean. If you are there looking for me on a warm day, I will be the old dude sitting in a lawn chair on the beach - and soaking up the ocean spray!

I have my plane tickets, next week I will go to a class to learn how to prepare for the movers that the government will send to pack my stuff, and in two more weeks I will know my new mailing address. The days are growing longer in Arizona, yet my time here gets shorter!

As you may have surmised, I am very anxious to start this new chapter in my life!


Jolene said...

What are you going to do with your cat?

Carla Brown said...

What about the trailer? And all those Cacti?

brenda Kilby said...

I'm getting jealouser and jealouser.