Sunday, December 20, 2009

Really Bad Cruise Poetry

by Pa Rock
Rhyme Meister

The Mighty Ocean
by Rocky Macy

The mighty ocean -

smells and swells
ceaseless motion
rolling, restless
tossing, churning -

Breeding life,
taking life,
pounding life to sand -

Before returning
to the tossing, churning
rolling, restless
smells and swells
of ceaseless motion -

The mighty ocean.

"Hello, Margaret. It's so good to hear your voice!"
by Rocky Macy

Old ones
and twos
Gray and flabby white
Hobbling away from the Port of San Juan
Clutching their cell phones
Like the hoses of respirators
Or the souls of dead pets.

It's been two days
or three
Loosed from the leash
An eternal, infernal
Nuisance of freedom
Finally made right
by satellite
And a superior calling plan!

Half Moon Cay
by Rocky Macy

A soft island voice
Catches the afternoon breeze,
Drifts across a sea of beach drinks
And chattering monkeys
In sandals and shorts.

A soft island voice
Straining to be Jimmy Buffett,
Weaves through lazy guitar chords
And the tropical smells
Of rum drinks and sun block.

A soft island voice
Floats aloft like the heat of love,
Lingers briefly under the swaying palms
And blows away
Onto postcards and warm memories.

Phoenix, Midnnight Saturday
by Rocky Macy

The City of Phoenix from a mile in the air
sparkles as if it hadn't a care

An amazing show of colorful lights,
Twinkling blues, greens, and whites,

Stars above, stars below
Midnight Phoenix is aglow!

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