Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

by Pa Rock
Reluctant Shopper

Christmas Day is three weeks from tomorrow - 21 days. One of my children also has a birthday during that brief period of time, and I will be out of the country for seven of those days. And yet, with all of that pressure, I haven't bought a gift - nary a one! Guess it is about time to get started.

I know what I am getting Molly for her birthday, and at least what one of Tim's Christmas presents will be. The remainder may be more problematic, but it will get done - with a minimum of frustration.

I am going to one store to buy one gift, and everything else will be done over the Internet - so I may shop tomorrow night at midnight or whenever I damned well feel like it. I am not going to be rubbing elbows with the unwashed masses while struggling to get a sales clerk to talk to me - or even just to notice me! I will be shopping in my bathrobe, or underwear, or whatever I damned well please.

And the long lines and rude service at the post office won't have any impact on me. Amazon or Best Buy or Toys 'r Us will be sending my purchases directly to their intended recipients. Amazon will even ship for free!

Santa really needs to park those reindeer, set up a web site, and step into the future!

1 comment:

Phillipia said...

I'm with ya:)

Internet shopping is awesome.

Not that I am doing much shopping at all this year...

Happy E-shopping.