Friday, December 4, 2009

McCain Fights His Way Out of the Main Stream

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

John McCain is mad, and he wants everybody in Arizona to know it. Today as he and Don Imus were slobbering over the radio microphone, he cut loose with this gem regarding the rise of fascism in America: "There's not a lot of happy people out there, so you see tea parties, and you see people who are madder than they've ever been in their life. And frankly, I'm madder than I've ever been."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, John. You're such a rebel, such a bad ass, such an angry patriot!

Well, in point of fact, John McCain is mad, and his anger does involve the tea-baggers and the other malcontents and miscreants who scream and yell under the delusion that they represent righteous downtrodden against the evil government. He hasn't really been fired up over their causes in the past, though he will undoubtedly say otherwise. His rage comes from the fact that all of this noisy rabble is standing to his right threatening to run a strong primary opponent against him.

And this is Arizona - and there are plenty (plenty!) of crazies in this state, and John McCain hasn't been right with these goose-steppers in a long time. At a time when everybody should be genuflecting to this genuine war hero with a huge campaign war chest and a pretty, rich wife, he suddenly has to get off of his crabby-ass and go chasing votes. It's just not right!

McCain's nemesis in this escalating drama is a former Arizona congressman named J.D. Hayworth who is toying with the idea of running against him in the Republican primary next year. In a recent Rasmussen Poll, Hayworth only trailed McCain by two points. But two points was plenty close enough to get McCain's attention - and plenty close enough to make him madder than he's ever been! Now McCain, who is addicted to being a political somebody the same way a vampire is addicted to blood cocktails, is suddenly railing about the awfulness of health care - and be sure that he will be firmly parked on the far right fringe of every other issue that comes before Congress or the American public this year! Senator McCain can be just as crazy as any blowhard tea-bagger. You betcha he can!

J.D. Hayworth has stayed in the public eye (or ear) by hosting a radio show in the Phoenix area since he was voted out of Congress. (He was one of the recipients of Jack Abramoff's largess. That should not hurt him in a run against McCain - who was a member of the Keating Five bribery scandal.)

Many Democrats would love to see Hayworth enter the race. A hard-hitting Republican primary would put a big dent in McCain's campaign war chest, and all of the political damage that he and Hayworth would do to each other, regardless of who ultimately won the primary, would be the equivalent of political gravy.

If Hayworth were to lose the primary, especially if it was a close race, many of his supporters might be so angry that they would decide to sit out the general election. If, on the other hand, Hayworth won, that would be fun, too. Hayworth has tied himself to the crazy birther movement and treats birther queen Orly Taitz as though she is sane. He has made statements that lead people to think that he may be anti-Semitic, and he has been associated with some local neo-Nazi's. And, of course, he had his hand out taking gifts and cash from Jack Abramoff and his sticky cronies.

John McCain has discovered what a faithless bitch democracy can be. The idea that a rich white geezer just can't write a few checks and buy a six-year extension on his Senate lease is just un-American, plain and simple. It's no wonder he's mad - madder than he's ever been!

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