Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of the Oughts

by Pa Rock

The first decade of the twenty-first century will officially pass into the history books tonight. Ten years ago tonight I was relaxing at my small farm, Rock's Roost, when good friend Bruce Arnold called told me to get ready because he was coming by to take me to a party. The party was at the home of Kevin and Ellen Arnold (no relation to Bruce) who lived (still live) across the road and down the lane from The Roost. It was a bring-your-own libations party with quite a few people. There was an enormous bonfire that was lit shortly before the new millennium arrived, and the partiers livened the affair up by throwing fireworks, including sky rockets, into the fire! Somehow the woods survived without going up in flames!

I haven't calculated the winners of the 2009 Pa Rock's Dead Pool yet, but I will get that sorted out and published as soon as I return to Arizona next week. The prizes are savings bonds, so I will be asking for addresses of winners - and it may take social security numbers also. More to follow on that.

Tim has challenged me to post on this blog everyday, and today marks the end of a year in which I was able to do just that. Some days I even banged out multiple posts. It wasn't always easy!

Gail and I are still busy sorting through Dad's papers. We let out kids take the things that they wanted out of the house, and a local church will be picking up his clothes. Sometime in March or April we will be having a big auction to get rid of the rest of his lifetime accumulation of "stuff."

We have been so busy this week that I haven't had time for grieving, but today as my kids were leaving the melancholy started to set in. It may be a very long and lonely drive back to Arizona.

My best to everyone for a hearty and healthy 2010!


giovanna said...

wow, 1blog per day for a year! you did it! which one's your fave? and which ones, if any, do you sorta kinda wish you hadnt posted? teehee..

are you going to do it again for 2010? should i dare you? hehe..

well, i hope your drive to AZ is safe and hopefully NPR or mrfrancis' AM stations will keep ya company

Phillipia said...

Congrats on posting every day, Rock, that is an accomplishment.

Happy New year.