Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at the Wheezin' Geezer Trailer Park

by Pa Rock
Satanic Reveler

I love Halloween - it's my very favorite holiday! I love the little kids and their costumes, and the parents prodding them to approach and hold out their bags and say "trick or treat." I love the commotion in the streets, the neighbors visiting as the little monsters and ballerina's dart from house to house, and the happiness that the special evening brings to most people. Oh, to be completely honest, I also love the fact that the whole idea of Halloween drives many religious fundamentalists batshit crazy - but that is just gravy! Basically Halloween is a fun evening for kids of all ages.

My new home is in a gated trailer park that is populated by a preponderance of old farts. Many don't seem to like kids - or cats running lose - or people driving sporty cars with the top down - or anything more radical than Geritol. It is sort of like living in Florida. One of my goals in life is to shatter the peace of this geriatric compound.

One thing that I did last week to upset the status quo was to cast my mail-in ballot in favor of a local school tax increase. Taxes in Arizona are damned near nothing, but people piss and moan about even the pittance that they are required to fork over for their desert lifestyle. I also still have an Obama bumper sticker on my car, something that is a real teeth-grinder for the old fools in the trailer park and throughout Phoenix.

Tonight I had six little trick-or-treaters, all Hispanic, and all cute as proverbial bugs! Each of these little hobgoblins got a Snickers bar from Pa Rock - a big one! Next year, after the word has gotten out about the old gringo who hands out Snickers bars, I anticipate a hundred little visitors. My neighbors are going to love that!

Anarchy rules!

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