Friday, October 9, 2009

Morning in America

by Pa Rock
Proud American

The news this morning was amazing: Barack Obama had won the Nobel Peace prize! After eight years of being scorned by the world, America was finally resuming its place as the moral leader and conscience of the world. And while the choice was roundly and predictably condemned by America's rancid wingnuts, it has received enthusiastic praise of people from around the world. Indeed, after the announcement has had the day to sink in, it seems to have garnered approval from all quarters except the Taliban, Iran, and the Republican party.

Rush Limbaugh is not happy - and that makes me ecstatic! Glenn Beck felt the prize should have gone to America's teabaggers who slouched around the National Mall on September 12th. Yeah, Glenn, those mouthy bigots are the key to world peace!

Barack Obama is only the fourth American president to win the prestigious award. Teddy Roosevelt, a liberal republican, won for negotiating a peace in the Russo-Japanese war. He was followed by three democrats. Woodrow Wilson won for his leadership in drafting the Treaty of Versailles ending World War I. Jimmy Carter received the high honor for his years of work for human rights and world peace, most of which was accomplished after he left the Presidency. And today Barack Obama has won for his uplifting presence on the world stage and his willingness to take America and the world into a positive and peaceful future.

George Bush wanted to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for destroying the Middle East, but that is the problem for Republicans - they don't get the term "peace." No fighting? Where's the profit motive in that?

One pundit said today that Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George Bush. That fact alone does go a long way toward justifying the honor.

Barack Obama has opened up a dialogue with the world, and suddenly we are talking to countries that we once scorned. We are having conversations with former enemies about nuclear disarmament, human rights, and global warming - things that were of no interest to Bush and Cheney. We are clarifying our goals in the Middle East and beginning to untangle the mess Bush and Cheney and Rummy left in their wake. Our current President has reached out to the world's billion plus Muslims with a hand of friendship, something that would have never even been contemplated by his religiously rigid predecessor.

George Bush was a Yale cheerleader, and little more. Barack Obama is a world leader, and we as a nation are very fortunate to have him at the helm of the ship of state.

Yes, Barack Obama does deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George Bush. America has had far too many morons running our government for far too long. It is high time that we had somebody in the White House who is a role model (a good husband and father), ferociously intelligent, and not afraid to say and do what is right.

I am proud of our country and proud of our President. It is once again morning in America!

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kittyknitter said...

Thank you for saying what no one else said yesterday. I'm so proud to be an American I could bust with pride! Your words left me in tears...tears of joy, pride, thankfulness. I avoided most of the press yesterday because we as a nation stood on the world stage and were booed by half of our American brothers and sisters...while the world cheered. I was too depressed to read or see any more of it yesterday, but by the grace of God, you have put a smile back on this old, tired, discouraged face this morning. It was only a day late, but well worth the wait!!! Thank you Rocky!