Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bigots and Morons Beware!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I will admit that there have been times since the good guys took over the White House last January when I have wished that President Obama would be more outspoken, more dynamic, and more in-your-face toward the knuckle-draggers, teabaggers, religious fundamentalists, Fox News broadcasters, and other raging pieces of excrement who continually strive to befoul society. But our President marches at his own pace, and slowly but surely he is getting things done and moving our country forward.

Yesterday was a red-letter day in the history of America. President Obama affixed his signature to The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, making it federal law - the law of the land. This monumental legislation (a law that President Bush had vowed to veto if it ever reached his desk) now offers federal protections to victims of hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender. Now if a lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or trans-gendered person is attacked because of their orientation or who they love, the federal government can take jurisdiction and try the alleged perpetrators in federal court - and then lock their sorry butts up in federal prison.

Matthew Shepard was the college student in Wyoming who was beaten senseless and then left to die on a barbed wire fence that stretched across the icy Wyoming landscape - a scene eerily reminiscent of a crucifixion. James Byrd, Jr. was a black man in Texas who was tied to the bumper of a pick-up truck and dragged to death. The perpetrators in both cases were drunken, white trash.

Kudos to Judy and Dennis Shepard (Matthew's parents) who have worked diligently for years to get this legislation passed and signed. Your son would have been so proud of your dedicated efforts to give federal protections to an important segment of the American population. America is truly in your debt.

Now, President Obama, let's get serious about "Don't Ask - Don't Tell." Everyone who wants to serve their country should be allowed to do so without having to hide who they are. The troops are way ahead of the politicians on this one. It's time to get rid of this archaic and detrimental policy - a policy that weakens our military and our national security.

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