Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Company's Comin'!

by Pa Rock
Proud Grampa

Boone Macy, my 10-year-old grandson, will be coming to Arizona on Thursday to visit Pa Rock. He is also bringing along his Dad and Uncle Tim - and that's good, too!

I've been out shopping today, trying to fill the larder. Don't worry, Boone - we have plenty of ice cream, cookies (Oreo's!), and lunch meat - all the basic food groups! Plus we will be on the road a day or so heading to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, so there will be some pit stops at McDonald's and other fine restaurants. And the best news, Boone, is that it is starting to cool off in Arizona. We could even cook out!

And I'm digging holes and planting some trees that I could never plant back in the Ozarks at Rock's Roost. I now have a standard lemon tree in the front yard that will have buckets of lemons next year. I have also planted two red grapefruit trees, and have a fig and a tangelo yet to put in the ground. Boone, maybe you can help me dig those holes!

We are going to have so much fun! We'll even put the top down on my raggedy little car and act like we're in Hollywood!

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