Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Harrisonville Detour

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

Rosie and I have arrived safely at home after our weekend jaunt to Kansas City.  The trip would have gone without incident had it not been for a very strange detour at Harrisonville, Missouri. 

The suburban city of Harrisonville is located twenty miles or so south of Kansas City proper, and it is usually the point at which I turn from south to east as I work my way across the Show Me state.  Normally I take Highway 7 South (though it is actually goes due east) just below Harrisonville and then drive to Clinton, Missouri, where I again turn south and go to Springfield.  Today, however, I ran into a detour sign for "7 South" just before I got to town.  I took the turn which headed due east out onto "7 North."  Several miles later signs told me to turn north.  Those were followed a few miles on by more signs directing me to turn West.  The next set of signs pointed me south, toward Harrisonville.  The re-routing took thirty minutes and added twenty miles to my trip.  I finally got back to Harrisonville, just a few yards from where the odyssey began.

Perhaps it was an April Fools gag from the city - and they haven't gotten around to taking down the signs yet.  Whatever the reason, Pa Rock was not amused.

As previously mentioned, the dogwoods were in their full glory this weekend, and the blossoming trees were especially striking in and around Kansas City.  Tim and Erin have a beautiful white dogwood right in front of their house.  I planted five young dogwoods here at the farm in West Plains a couple of weeks ago.  When I got home today, I found that all have begun to leaf out, and the white ones have some small blooms.

Spring has sprung!

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