Sunday, April 17, 2016

Alice Buys Her Way into Wonderland

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Last December Walmart heir Alice Walton wrote a check to Hillary's DNC Victory Fund in the amount of $353,000 - which just happens to  have been the required level of donation for guests to have been seated at a table with Mr. and Mrs. George Clooney at a fundraiser held in San Francisco earlier this week.  I don't know if Alice actually sat with the Clooneys or opted instead to spend the evening leaning on the bar - but the important thing is that she was entitled to schmooze with the celebrities thanks to her most generous donation.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Walmart employees are struggling to get by on low wages which often have to be supplemented by taxpayers through the various forms of public assistance.  One Walmart store a couple of years ago even collected canned goods and food items in the employee's lounge so that their workers could enjoy a hot Christmas meal at home.

All of which sort of makes Alice royalty - a welfare queen.

Yes, it's a bit odd that a representative from one of America's wealthiest and least charitable families donated over a third of a million dollars to Hillary's organization, but in the grand Walton scheme of things, it's only chump change - and even the most insulated of billionaires know which way the political winds are blowing.  Might as well start greasing that wheel now - while the price of grease is still cheap.

And, of course, Hillary is the former First Lady of Arkansas who sat on the Walmart Board of Directors for six years.    She's damned near family herself.

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