Thursday, April 21, 2016

Debbie Wasserman Hypocrite

by Pa Rock

Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the current chair of the Democratic National Committee, puts out an email newsletter called "The Curl," a play on her distinctive hairdo.  A more fitting name for the screed would be "The Whine."  Debs is quickly becoming one of the most unhappy denizens of D.C.

Wasserman Schultz has served in the United States House of Representatives from south Florida since 2005.  Before that she served in both houses of the Florida State Legislature.  In 2008 she was a co-chair for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, and, as the current chair of the DNC, has been accused by many of rigging the party's debate schedule to favor Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  Wasserman Schultz also has a record in both the Florida Legislature and the U.S. House as being oddly protective of the scumbag payday lending industry, a group of loan sharks who feed off of America's most desperate.

After more than a decade of doing the bidding of the lobbyists who swarm the halls of Congress, Wasserman Schultz has encountered the first serious obstacle to maintaining her privileged life on the public gravy train.  This year she has a very credible primary opponent in the person of Tim Canova, a progressive law professor who isn't afraid to point out the incumbent's many flaws.

Wasserman Schultz uses the DNC's email list to send out appeals for money - usually for her campaign rather than for the party.  As the primary season has progressed and she has seen the growth in the Canova campaign, her emails have become increasingly frantic.  Today she sent one revealing that her opponent was being financed by "outsiders," or people living beyond the borders of Florida.  The email that I received, in Missouri, and that my friend received, in Kansas, asked for us each to rush her some money to help stem the tide of money flowing into Canova's campaign from "outsiders."

Debbie Dearest, my friend and I are each sending ten more dollars to Tim Canova.  Thanks for reminding us about the urgent need to get you out of Congress.  If your campaign is short on cash, may I be so bold as to suggest that you borrow some cash from your loan shark buddies.  I'm sure they would give you a deal - much like the deal you have been giving the Democratic Party!

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