Sunday, April 3, 2016

Don't Look for Jesus in Mississippi

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The old hymn by Martin Luther, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," may have added meaning as soon as Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant manages to slap his signature on a wacko bill being sent to his desk by the intellectual gnats in the state legislature.

Mississippi lawmakers in their zeal for protecting all that is holy in America have rushed through a bill that will permit the establishment of armed security gangs in the state's churches.  In addition to keeping the voters whipped into a frenzy over gun rights and helping the NRA and gun manufacturers sell more guns, the proposed law seems to be grounded in two justifications:  first, the legislature has a sergeant-at-arms, so why cain't can't the churches, and second, there was (wink, nod, wink) a church shooting in Columbia, South Carolina, last summer, so churches need protecting.

Of course, the church in South Carolina was a black house of worship and the shooter was a white youth obsessed with the Confederate flag and protecting the virtue of white women.  Somehow I doubt that the Mississippi legislature intends for this bill to increase gun sales in black communities.  After all, whites bearing guns are invariably patriots while armed blacks are almost certain to be gangsters and thugs.

Members of these security patrols who are trained by the church will be immune from civil prosecution if and when they fire their weapons in church.

The Mississippi Church Protection Act also contains provisions that would allow citizens to "constitutionally carry" or pack concealed weapons in holsters even without a state permit, and it prohibits state officials from enforcing any federal gun regulation not passed by Congress.  Those patriots in Mississippi don't want to have to submit to any executive orders issued by the Muslim dictator currently holed up in the White House.

The Mississippi Police Chiefs Association does not like this legislation - especially the provision that eliminates the need to obtain permits for concealed carry.

So, when Sunday morning finds you driving through Mississippi looking for a house of worship - drive on Pilgrim, drive on.   Jesus is much more likely to be found elsewhere.

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