Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ol' Roy Blunt Is Reluctant to Part with Money from Child Molester

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Senator Ol'Roy Blunt of Missouri, a Republican (of course) is taking a bit of criticism over a campaign donation that some feel should be returned.  The donation, $11,000, came from the PAC of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, now a Washington D.C. lobbyist and accused child molester. 

Hastert is facing trial over illegal banking activities initiated to pay hush money to a man whom he had reportedly sexually abused when the victim was a high school student.  Federal prosecutors recently announced that it now appears as though Dennis Hastert sexually molested four boys back during his days as a high school wrestling coach - with one being only fourteen-years-old.

Lobbyists, like Hastert, routinely donate to political figures as a way of securing influence with the office holders.

Blunt, in response to questions and concerns regarding the $11,000 campaign donation, indicated that he currently has no plans to return the money.  He said:

"Returning donations gives some sense that you are going to look at the behavior of everybody who gives money to a campaign.    I don't know if I have time to do that, and I would expect not to be returning donations to anybody."
Blunt logic.  It would take too much time and effort to look at the behavior of the donors - no matter how odious the behavior.   Besides, pedophiles have as much right to buy influence as anyone else.

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