Monday, November 30, 2015

Willow Is Four!

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandfather

Little Willow Files has a birthday today - she is four.   Willow lives in Oregon with her parents, Scott and Molly, and her older brothers, Sebastian and Judah.  Willow is presently my youngest grandchild and one of the ones whom I see the least.  She is growing up fast, and not being around to see that happen is a loss which I feel deeply.

Willow is at the front end of her life, just beginning to figure out that there is a lot going on beyond the walls and family warmth that represent her home.  She has so much to look forward to and enjoy as she works her way across the decades, and she is sure to experience things that are well beyond my imagination.  So much changes with time.

My grandfather rode into Missouri in a covered wagon, and my grandchildren may well ride into space on rockets.

Your future is limitless, Little Willow.  Enjoy every day of your life, and live it knowing that Pa Rock loves you very, very much!

Happy 4th birthday!

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