Sunday, November 22, 2015

Andersonville on Ice

by Pa Rock
Traveling Fool

Today is our final full-day in Chicago, and the weather is cold, cold, cold!

This morning  the Pfetcher’s took us to the Science and Technology Museum on Chicago’s south side.  The highlight of that trip was a tour of a captured German U-Boat from World War II.  We also viewed one of the world’s largest model train set-ups that had a variety of little trains rolling through miniaturized cities and smaller communities.  There were also two full-sized locomotives on display as well as airplanes, stagecoaches, and a Conestoga wagon.  The museum is immense (as any building that houses an actual submarine must be), and we didn’t see nearly all of it, but the things we did see were amazing!

This afternoon I took a stroll by myself up through Andersonville, a small and rather fun community just a few blocks from the Pfetcher’s home.   The wind was sharp and cold, and there were still many patches of ice on the sidewalks – so it was slow-going on foot.  I visited a bookstore (one of my weaknesses), a toy store (another of my weaknesses), and walked through a Persian store primarily for the warmth and sweet, inviting smells.

This evening Jason is preparing steaks on the grill – and then we are off to a nearby little theatre production.   Gail and I are being treated exceedingly well in Chicago.  It may be hard getting back into chicken-rancher mode!

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