Friday, November 6, 2015

Motoring AcrossKansas City

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

I travel to the Kansas City area frequently and know how to get to my son's house in Roeland Park - and little else.  Tim and Erin spoil me when I am here because they drive me anywhere I want to go.  Thus I have not had to be bothered with learning my way around.

Things were different this time.  I had a doctor's appointment at Research Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, this morning.  Erin had to go to work, and Tim had his own doctor's appointment at another location, leaving me with no choice but to figure out how to get myself around.  I made it to the medical appointment with plenty of time to spare and was feeling quite proud of my navigational abilities.  After leaving the doctor's office, I determined to set out for Costco to do a little shopping.

The ladies at the doctor's office gave me directions that involved just basically two turns:  Prospect to 63rd, left on 63rd and then right onto Main until I reached the Costco at 30th Street.   That sounded simple, and should have been simple - except for the reality that Main Street is interrupted a couple of times - the second of which spun me off on a whole different course.  But preservation paid off, and eventually I found my way to Costco.

Gotta love the scenic route!

Tonight Tim and I are going to see a local little theatre production of "The Producers."  He's driving!

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