Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Unflinching Burden of Too Much to Do

by Pa Rock

Many people maintain bucket lists of places they want to visit before they die, but my list contains things that I want - or need - to accomplish before the grim reaper throws me over his shoulder.   I'm not talking about the daily stuff - like the jonquil bulbs still needing to be placed and covered in the holes that Nick has already dug, or the fresh straw that needs to be spread across the peacock's pen - but the long-range projects that I had intended to get done during the early years of my retirement.

One thing that has been dogging me for many years is to get my old 242 newspaper genealogy columns indexed so that they might be of use to family researchers.  I got ambitious back in 2008 and carefully re-typed each column into a blog on the Internet, but they would be so much more beneficial with an index.  To my credit, I have finally started that task.   Recently I have copied, reformatted, and printed each column so that now I have a paper copy to work from.  The next big step, of course, is to sit down and actually do the work - something I truly dread.

Shortly before I left Okinawa in 2012, I drove down to Peace Park on the southern tip of the island and took pictures of the rows and rows of granite slabs containing the names of every American who died in the Battle of Okinawa.  As near as I can determine, that information is still not available in a collected version on the Internet.  If, after one more very careful search of the net, I still cannot find a source page with all of the names, I will create it myself.

With just those two items alone - plus the daily blog - I have more than enough inside work to last through the winter - and I need to get on it because I have no way of knowing how many winters I will last through!

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