Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday's Poetry: "Unemployed"

by Pa Rock
Poetry Appreciator

As we near the "holiday" season much attention is generally focused on helping those deemed to be "less fortunate" in our society.  While some, especially politicians, rush to appeal to our baser instincts by demonizing the poor, minorities, and others not clearly of the American "mainstream," there are many among the disadvantaged who are ready and willing to work, but can't find employment that will pay enough to lift them above the grip of poverty.

The following poem, "Unemployed" by Bernard Shaw, puts voice to the frustration of those who desire to work, but can't find enough in the way of employment to get "off of the dole."  As our thoughts turn to sharing and charity, let us pause to remember that "unemployed" and "lazy" are not necessarily synonymous.  Lend a hand when you can.

by Bernard Shaw

Unemployed and on the Dole,

Winter time without any coal.

Empty bellies, Wife and Child,

I only hope that Spring is mild.

Searched and searched all over Town,

Tired, Hungry, Must not fall down.

The Family depends on me,
I'm their only hope you see.

So once again with cap in hand,

WORK for me Sir, would be grand.

I'll labour and slave away, All Day,

In fact I'll do anything you say.

Sorry Old Chap, Come back tomorrow,

There is nothing doing much to my sorrow.

So on to the next, to beg and plea,

Sir haven't you got any work for me.

Once again, The reply is the same,

Do the Employers think that I'm having a game.

Do they think that it is one big joke,

To hear grown men use words that choke.

The Rent Man has come yet again to-day,

Sorry mate I just cannot pay.

With the money from the dole,

I went and bought a bag of coal.

A sack of potatoes, stolen from a farm,

To feed my Family, I meant no harm.

In future if I find work,

I'll pay the Farmer, I wont shirk.

But at the moment I would sell my SOUL,

Not to be any longer on the DOLE.

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